Friday, July 06, 2012


Yes, this is all about me!

Hah, so much of my day to day is not about me, and hasn't been for the past 8 years since I became a mama. Those feelings of being detached from yourself magnified that much more when Fynn was born. The days are a blur.

I complain bitterly to Vic when he suggests we go running. He drags me out two days a week. I really don't like running, especially when the weather is this warm. My legs feel heavy. I feel sluggish.

But, and there is always a but. It makes me feel so good. Like medicated good.

This picture was taken of me today after our run. I left work an hour early so we could go running. After it was over I had a shower and then got dressed to go pick up the kids and start our evening with them. That just finished running, good

shower feeling should be bottled. I feel fit, thin, happy, strong and my brain is settled. No cortisol zooming through my body doing god knows what sort of damage to my cells.

It feels so good. When days are so much about other people and taking care of them, be it at work or at home, running is the best way to get some sense of calm.

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