Monday, June 25, 2012

A milestone

Fynn passed a milestone today. He "graduated" from his preschool class. I don't think he has quite comprehended that he won't be going back to preschool anymore, but he did figure out that today was a special day. The look on his face when he saw mom, and then dad arrive for his graduation ceremony was very adorable.

There were several times over the past year where I thought to myself that I should just cancel him in preschool and just continue to let him go to the regular daycare program he is in. The daycare and preschool are side by side, run by the same society. I pay an extra $80 per month for Fynn to attend preschool. In the end, I am glad we stuck it out. His behavior as measured by his lack of participation during his Christmas concert and his increased participation today was significant -- so I think that is a good indicator of success.

Vic and I are literally counting down the next two months. Only two more months (July and August) of when we will pay full daycare fees for Fynn. Once September rolls around he will be in full day Kindergarten, and our fees will go down by a good 30-40%. We will just be paying for the two kids in after school care then.
When we consider that daycare runs us about $850 - $1,000 per month, this is a big deal

for us. Vic and I are thinking we need to have a celebration come September 1!!
While we know we are very fortunate to have good quality care for the kids, we also know that the financial impact it has had on our family's budget is a big one.

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