Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Sophie's year end ballet show

Last Saturday afternoon after I came back from a work planning session I turned the car around again and took Sophie out to her ballet/dance show. There was a 3pm and a 6pm show this year. Personally, I think that is asking a bit much to ask of kids, but c'est la vie. Sophie's performance was number #24 out of 49 acts. It was long!

The positive is that Sophie did well. Her group was Little Red Riding Hood. I have really seen her confidence, poise, and enthusiasm coming through.

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Mary Jo Rhoda said...

Fun, but oh my that does seem like a lot! And a lot of acts to sit through and wait for!
Unfortunately, Erin is going to miss her first dance recital. Couldn't be helped. But they split there shows by age so they are not as long. I think they have three shows that day, Erin is only in one.
I guess if you have more than one kid in different shows though, that is another story :)