Saturday, May 12, 2012

Ottawa 2012

I can finally sit down and update my blog with a few of our Ottawa photos. It has been a ridiculously crazy 2 weeks. I have had 3 trips: the HR conference in Vancouver for 2 days, then Vic and I went to Ottawa for 5 days

, and on Friday of this week, I had a 2 day planning session for work that was in West Kelowna. I had enough of suitcase packing, that I opted to drive down to Kelowna for the Friday and Saturday sessions rather than spending the night down in Kelowna like the rest of my coworkers. It made for long days with the commute, but it felt a little more "normal" to be home each night in my own bed.

I got home from the session today and within about half an hour had to turn around and take Sophie to her year end dance show. It feels good to have some peace and quite now.

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Mary Jo Rhoda said...

The photos are gorgeous, but it does all sound exhausting! Hope you get some quiet at least for a little while! :)