Sunday, February 05, 2012

Sophie's 8th birthday party

Sophie turned 8 today. We had her sleepover birthday on Saturday night for 4 of her friends: Hunter, Mikayla, Cami and Mackenzie. The girls arrived at about 5:30pm for pizza dinner. That was followed by Michelle coming over for the art class.

Michelle's class was for about an hour and a half and the girls did a few different projects using water colour paints. Michelle gave Sophie a nice set of water colour paints for her birthday -- her first real set of paints. Vic took Fynn to the pool so he could burn off some of his energy while the girls were painting.

After that it was time for cake and a movie downstairs. Finally around 10:30pm or so I encouraged them to get to bed. They had their sleeping bags but for some reason didn't want to be in the basement, so I moved them up to Sophie's room where they finally fell asleep just after midnight. Vic made them waffles this morning.

All in all, a very fun, special birthday for Sophie.

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Mary Jo Rhoda said...

Sheri - that sounds amazing!
What a great memory for her :)