Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Numbers matter

Vic and I like to keep track:

The number of times we have been skiing this year to ensure our ski pass is paid for (we have gone 7 times as of today -- I took a day off from work) and we had the best day of skiing ever. Thanks to our friends Bryan and Patti for playing hookey with us.

We are also tracking our expenses. I insert our receipts into an Excel spreadsheet so we can see what we are spending money on each month. It is an enlightening exercise!

We are also finding it interesting to read the Fraser Institute "report card" on BC Elementary School. The fact that Sophie's school has slipped in reading and numeracy prompted me to write a letter tonight to her principal and the School Superintendant. I know there is more to a quality education than numbers, and I believe she goes to a very good school and has a great teacher. The FSA scores for Grade 4s at her school show some declines in two areas and as a parent I think it is important to ask the school administration what action plans they will be developing to address the trends. I will be interested to see what they say.

And Sophie lost her 5th tooth today. So that means $1 tonight from the Tooth Fairy. Here she is all dressed up for her Brownies "dress up" night. Her beautiful braids are by her daycare leader Becky.

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Mary Jo Rhoda said...

I think it's great when parents take a positive interest in their schools. It doesn't hurt to ask what changes will be made or how something is going to be addressed at all.