Thursday, February 02, 2012

Following Through

Last night I set up the little cards for the kids to mark their "positive behavior" achievements.

Here is a photo of them stamping their entries for today. I decided to pull out a couple of stamps instead of stickers because the stamps fit in the squares better than a sticker. Fynn got a little carried away and stamped more than one box for tonight, but he had the general idea.

Sophie was very focused tonight. She had her French tutoring from 5:15pm - 6:15pm followed by her dinner. She then put on her ballet music and did about half an hour of her practice for her ballet exam and a few minutes of piano on top of that. She is actually quite goal and reward oriented.

For my own annual goals here is a 1 month update:

1. Read to Fynn daily. Update: this has been sporadic. 3-4 times per week, usually a few pages from his Richard Scarry book.
2. Have a family walk or bike ride (when weather is warmer) once a week. Update: too cold for this now, however, we went skiing 5 times with the kids.
3. Do more art with Sophie. Update: this goal helped inform Sophie's birthday party. We are having Michelle Atkins do an art class for the 5 girls.
4. Volunteer once before the end of the school year at Sophie’s school. Update: not yet.
5. Set weekly date nights with Vic. Update: we did manage to see two movies and we really enjoyed it. We are trying to see one this Sunday but need to get to work on the sitter.

1. Exercise everyday. Update: I missed exercising two days this month (1 due to a shin injury and 1 day the roads were so icy it wasn't safe to walk).
2. Find a trainer so I can add basic weight-training and strength exercises weekly. Update: nothing yet
3. Drink at least two glasses of water a day. Update: very close to hitting this goal.
4. Get minimum 7hours of sleep every night and 8 on the weekend. Update: I go to bed before 11:30pm most nights (except for the weekend) so this is a slight improvement.
5. Only 1-2 lattes per week (I am allowed a Tim’s each workday however). Update: I don't have daily lattes anymore. Likely 3 a week however right now. Some improvement here.

1. Complete one scrapbook layout a month. Update: I did one layout for Fynn, so I met that goal.
2. Learn how to take some photos with my new micro lens . Enrol in a Shutter Sisters class. Update: not a lot of movement / progress on this one.

1. Travel has become an important area of focus for Vic and I over the past few years. We are now officially “middle aged” and we are much more aware that we need to make opportunities for travel to happen rather than putting them off.
2. A trip for Vic and I to Amsterdam. We have started researching. Update: I don't think this is in the cards this year. I am disappointed about this. We (I) would like to go somewhere in May for Vic's birthday. I think it is important to recharge and get away as a couple and see some new sights. I am working on this.
3. A fun family trip with my extended family to Disneyland in the fall. Update: still likely doing this.
4. A spring break trip to Vancouver Island. Update: this is doable and will be happening unless something crazy happens to change these plans.
5. A trip to Barkerville in the summer. Update: Patti and I have talked about some dates in the summer for this, so some minor progress.

1. Read a book every two weeks. Update: Good progress on this - I joined a book club at work! We are reading the Dovekeepers.

1. Take one class non work related locally. Don’t know what about yet. Update: no progress here.

Community (This is a particularly hard one for me.)
1. Continue to go out for breakfast on Fridays with Vic, Bryan and Patti. Update: I think we went out with them each Friday in Jan for breakfast.
2. Make a coffee date with Kim (1 per quarter). Update: made 1 attempt but our schedules conflict.
3. Leave comments on blogs I read once a week. Update: yes, doing quite a bit of this.

1. Work on (work in progress) making the front study/piano/sitting room homier. Art work, a carpet/rug. Update: had my Boston print framed (need to pick up at the framer's tomorrow).

2. Picked out a paint colour for our bedroom. Plan to have the painting done over Spring Break.

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Mary Jo Rhoda said...

I like how you are keeping track of you goals.
And you just reminded me to go drink a big glass of water! :)