Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Encouraging kid's accountability

We are trying to boost Sophie and Fynn's personal accountability.

I set up little sticker charts for them tonight on some calendar cards I got in a scrapbooking kit. They can earn stickers based on displaying certain kinds of good behavior over the course of the month of February.

For Sophie it comes down to practicing her piano and ballet steps (for her upcoming ballet exam) and being civil to Fynn (I am not expecting perfection but no more fighting).

For Fynn he needs to continue to work on "being a good boy" -- I know that is not a very specific goal but for him it basically means displaying some positive behaviors (listening, not screaming, etc). He also has goals around staying in bed at night -he likes to get out of bed and peak through the railing to watch Top Gear at night and he roams into Sophie's room to play (while she is trying to sleep).

Instead of buying them something at the end of the month, if they get all of their stickers they can turn in their cards for a trip to the movies. Vic and I are trying to teach them the value of "experiences" versus having more "things." I tried to explain this to Sophie the other night when she was complaining about not having a "thing" that one of her friends did. I reminded her that she had the benefit of enjoying some wonderful experiences (e.g. Disneyland trips) that her friends may not have.

We shall see how this goes.

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Mary Jo Rhoda said...

Really like this idea, Sheri!
Especially as Evan is getting older and more independent. Trying to encourage him to take responsibility for his belongings, his homework, his behavior, etc...

But not to early for Erin to start.
I also like your focus on an event or experience not things!
I am over bringing more "things" into the house unless it is a birthday or holiday!