Sunday, January 15, 2012

Wrapping up ski lessons

Back when we purchased our early bird ski passes in September, we also purchased half price ski lesson vouchers. The vouchers gave the kids each 4 lessons. We have found that by having the prepaid vouchers increased our motivation to ensure we get up the mountain each Sunday morning and get them into their lessons.

Progress was made: Sophie has moved from Snow Rangers up to Trail Blazers (she is skiing green runs comfortably and can now do some easier blue runs).

Fynn's first time on skis was in December. He finished his 4th Ready Teddies lesson today and the instructor said he is fine to move onto Eager Elephants. He is started to do some turns now and was able to ride the larger magic carpet today.

Vic and I might use the last two lesson vouchers ourselves next month.

Both kids have done well with skiing but we get the sense that they would like to give it a break for a bit. I am okay with that as it has been a successful season for both of them.

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