Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Some accomplishments today

I met three goals today:

1. I completed the final exam in the 4 part exam series for my Work-Life Certified Professional certificate through World at Work. It was something I have been plugging away at for my professional development at work. Vic and I drove down to Kelowna today so I could write my exam. I passed and I am so happy to have that all behind me, although I did enjoy the program.

2. The other goal (much smaller, but more fun)was to get back to scrapbooking again. I did this page to document Fynn's first time on skis.

3. I ticked off another item on my to-do list and had Sophie's birthday invitations printed up. We are going with an art themed party. Here are her invitations that I had printed through the photo finishing dept at London Drugs. I am super happy with how they turned out - and so is she!

1 comment:

Mary Jo Rhoda said...

Congratulations on passing your exam and scrapbooking again!
Such a cute page!!
And Sophie's invites are fabulous.
Evan would love to have a party like that I think :)