Monday, November 14, 2011

Time Travel

Once a year Vic and I like to take a trip to Victoria to do a little early Christmas shopping (sans Sophie and Fynn). The kids stayed with my mom and dad, for which I am very grateful. We drove down to Vancouver to visit his mom on Friday and had a nice visit with her. We then drove over to catch an evening ferry to Vancouver Island only to be told that the next sailing was in 3 hours due to some strong storms that had been happening that afternoon. We decided to stay overnight in Vancouver at a hotel downtown and then head over to Victoria in the morning.

That turned out to be a good decision and it enabled us to do a little bit of window shopping along Robson street on Friday night. Each time we take a little trip like this (this was a 3 nighter) we try to do something a little different or see something we haven't seen before.

We both love learning about history and there is a lot of it in the Victoria area. We took a tour at the Greater Victoria Art Gallery and saw an exhibit called Resonance.The Emily Carr collection at the gallery is impressive too.

On Sunday (in spite of the cold) we took a walking tour that is sponsored by the Old Cemetery Society. It was amazing! The Society is very active and does a tour each Sunday on a different topic. We did the tour of Ross Bay Cemetery called Murder Most Foul about murders and murder victims from the Victoria area. Fascinating facts about the area and provides a real insight into crime, especially around the late 1800s. It also provided a great photo taking opportunity.

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Mary Jo said...

One of my best friends from high school lives in Victoria now!

Mike and I try to do that, too. Take a day to go Christmas shopping together without the kids :)