Thursday, November 17, 2011


I think most mothers can relate to the feeling of doing for others. It makes us feel good. But when we spend so much of our time doing for others and not enough time for ourselves we feel burned out, run down and cranky.

I had a jammed packed day. I did a mock interview for a friend who's spouse is looking for work and he needed some practice with the interview process. I went out for coffee with another friend who was recently restructured from his job. He was looking for some insight into our company and I was happy to help him. I desperately wanted to get home by 4:30 so I could squeeze in a short run with Vic before it got too dark out but unfortunately that didn't happen. I had a meeting that ran late, then it was off to pick up the kids, get home and quickly clean up and head out the door again. I was committed to meeting with a co-worker to review her Masters thesis paper, as I am her project sponsor and she was looking for some feedback.

I felt this was my day of "giving." For me self-care means drinking enough water, exercising and resting. Today I was short on all 3. However, now I am happily home with my feet up and it feels good. I hope I have made a difference in a few lives today or helped them all in some small way. I did sneak out of the office at lunch and go and pick out a new pair of eye glasses for myself. My prescription has changed and my poor glasses (that I love) are scratched and showing their 4+ years of use. I chose a new frame and they should be in next week. After months (since April) of putting this off, I am proud of myself for taking a bit of time for me and following through.

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Mary Jo said...

Glad you were able to do a little something for yourself.
It's so hard to find a balance sometimes I think.