Saturday, August 06, 2011

a very good playdate

Yesterday I emailed Mikayla's mom and asked her if Mikayla could come over today for a swim and an afternoon playdate. She was happy to come and Sophie was excited.

They happily played in the pool (a lovely 85+ degrees so I was in there for quite awhile too) and when it came time for Kari to pick her up, I could see how she really didn't want to go home yet. I suggested Mikayla spend the night. The right playmate makes all the difference. Her and Sophie happily played, we had dinner and now all 3 kids are watching Ramona and Beezus. Everyone is happy and no one is complaining to me about being bored. I am looking forward to when Fynn can start having real playdates with his little buddies.

The day was lovely here. Beautiful weather and happy times.

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