Monday, August 01, 2011

august long weekend

We had a relaxing weekend. Back from my parents' place on Saturday meant that we had Sunday and Monday at home. We hit the pool which was nice. Maggie came over yesterday and her and Sophie were in the pool for a couple of hours. After that Sophie and her concocted a "invitation" and Maggie joined us at the Smurf's movie. We are happy to have her along with us, but it is funny how the two of them scheme up these things without checking with either parents :)

Today Vic rode his first Masters Circuit Bike Race. That's 57+ km. It was the hardest thing he has ever physically done.

The photo of him and Fynn resting on the bed with even a Tim's coffee not able to help him keep his eyes open.

I was at the kitchen table with Sophie doing some work while Sophie and Susie her tutor went over this week's drill.

All in all, a nice weekend, restful, rewarding and and gorgeous weather.

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