Monday, May 02, 2011

in a few short days...

We will be here!

It is so much work getting ready.
I have typed up a schedule for our sitter who is looking after the kids, I have typed up a schedule for our itinerary, contacted the school to let them know Patti will be picking up Sophie for ballet, given detailed directions to Patti on how ballet day works, packed Sophie's bathing suit since one of the days she will be with our sitter is a swimming day. And then there is work itself. Trying to do the work of a week in 3 days is not easy. It is an unusually busy time at work. We are going through a lot of change in our company right now -- good things -- but they draw heavily on my department's resources.

I am grateful for my job, but it is taxing to say the least.

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Mary Jo said...

So excited for you!
New York is a fun place :)
But I know the stresses of getting ready for a big trip. Especially when you have children to plan for as well!!