Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sophie's tutor

Just after Christmas break, Vic and I decided that it would be a benefit for Sophie to have a tutor to help her with her French. French Immersion is not an easy program. Sophie was doing okay prior to her tutor, but we wanted her to feel comfortable and enjoy her class. Her Grade 1 teacher recommended Susie and it was a plus that Vic and I knew about Susie because she swam in my lane during the one year I participated in Masters Swimming. Susie is a francophone so her French is great and she has a teaching background.

Twice a week Sophie spends about 30 minutes with Susie working on her reading, sounds, dictee and numbers in French. The comments on her last report card attest to the positive impact that Susie has had on Sophie. She has really blossomed!

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Mary Jo said...

What a great idea!
I think a little extra help sometimes can make all the difference :)