Saturday, February 05, 2011

Birthday No. 7 - Soaking it all in

Number 7 was a good one.

The celebrations began this morning with Sophie opening up her gift from Vic and I (a new bathing suit for Disneyland) and a Pillow Pet (from Fynn, who became very upset when he realized he couldn't keep it).

Just before 11 am we headed down to the Salmar Classic to set up for the party. I was getting a little antsy because Vic was supposed to be home by about 10:30 from taking his practical exam for his gun safety course (no, he is not hunting, just wanting to skeet shoot with his cousin Neville). Vic's truck got stuck in a deep ditch near the rifle range and he had to slice open one of the sand bags to use for traction to get out. He arrived, just a little late but had the pizzas with him.

It was so fun to have seven of Sophie's friends so happy to be at the party. It would have been eight, but MacKenzie was sick.

They were excited about the movie (which turned out to be not too bad), popcorn, pizza, juice (I bought from Zellers to keep the costs down a bit) and a Barbie cake from Save-On. After the movie the girls played tag through the old theatre. Kind of neat having the whole place to ourselves. Lots of burning off energy before some quieter time when we opened gifts and had cake. The girls are even at the stage where they can chat reasonably calmly to each other about school and then we started talking about the various places they were born (with Cami's birthplace in Montreal being the farthest away). We did beauty goodie bags this year: 1 flavoured lip gloss and 3 mini nail polishes from Winners (I bought in bulk).

One of my favourite moments is when Melissa said, "this is the best party ever!"

Sophie is playing with her new toys now, Fynn is napping and I'm resting.

Happy 7th birthday Sophie - we love you very much.

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