Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Pacing myself

This year I am going to pace myself and not get crazy, over stressed and over committed.

Case in point:
Sophie came home today with her newsletter from school. Her class is going skating 3times with 30 minute lessons and 15 minutes of free skate. That means I don't need to sign her up for skating lessons myself. Yippee! One less thing to worry about.

She will stick with ballet on Thursdays. I keep telling myself that and that is it for now. Speaking of Sophie, the poor kid has strep. Vic noticed how warm she was when he picked her up from school so he took her to the doctors (and Fynn too for his cough). Fynn is fine, but Sophie is on antibiotics. They have kicked in and she is feeling much better.

Pace myself.

1 comment:

Mary Jo said...

Such a good idea.
I want to be so much more relaxed this year as well.
And not over committed in any way!
Glad Sophie is feeling better!