Friday, December 31, 2010

Day 31

My final day of my Picture the Holidays Class. It was fun, a learning experience and was a great way to capture the images of the final month of the year. This photo is about some things I love: great design, quality furniture, my camera and New York.

It's a special month, but not without its stressors. Today around 11am turned into a time when I knew I had to get Sophie and Fynn out of the house to save myself. I had intended to go into work for a couple of hours to check email so Tuesday wasn't such a jolt. I was waiting for Vic to come back home from work so we could do the trade off. They were fighting, being bored, lethargic, watching too much TV - all the usual stuff that happens to kids on the final days of an extended vacation. I was snapping at them.

I called the daycare and asked if they had room for them. They did (plus I had prepaid for their spots), so I told them to get on their boots and coats. Of course, there was much crying as they had not intended on this happening. I wasn't doing it as a punishment. Far from it, actually. I knew that often times daycare provides the outlet they need - playing with their friends, different toys, different snacks, grown ups they are not me and Vic. I came back at 3:30pm to find them smiling with rosy cheeks and playing outside. I said "did you have fun?" Of course they did. Now they are back at home and are chilling out with cartoons. I'm okay with that. I know that sometimes I am not the only one who can entertain them, calm them, play with them and lift their little spirits.

I got to get caught up at work and then Vic and I had lunch together. A rare treat. We all feel good now :)

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