Friday, December 17, 2010

Day 17

My little Fynn had his daycare Christmas concert. It was so cute watching the 3 and 4 year olds sing Christmas songs. Fynn was so happy to see me arrive at 10am in the morning to daycare - I don't think he could believe it!

Other news:
- Sophie scored 5/5 on her french weekly dictee!! This is the equivalent of a spelling test. We worked very hard this week on her words and it is so nice when it all pays off. She got a special drink treat at Boston Pizza tonight. Her words are not easy: le soir, j'ai soif, voila leroi, c'est froid. (I know them too now).

- I had a nice lunch with my coworker Barb today. We spend so much of our workdays in a maze of meetings, report writing and general day to day stuff that we never get 30 minutes of non office time.

- Vic and I got a walk in together before we picked the kids up tonight. Nice to get some exercise in after a workday.

- watching this with Sophie (love this movie)

- Happy 44 years to my mom and dad!

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