Tuesday, June 01, 2010


Today was Sophie's long awaited day surgery for her herniated umbilical (basically a big outie belly button). She has had it since she was an infant and last year we had a consultation with a pediatric surgeon who recommended we have it corrected. So, a year later, we finally got the call that she had a surgery date.

We drove to Kamloops hospital and WAITED. We were told to be there for 9:45am for pre-op procedures. We did all that and then waited for about 2 hours (hard for adults but very hard for a 6 year old) before she finally was wheeled into this holding area where I waited with her a bit longer. At that point I had to leave her to go into surgery. That was hard. She had a sweet nurse, but she was scared. Poor thing.

About 45 minutes later a nurse came and got me and said that my little girl was asking for her mom in recovery. Sophie was in pain inspite of the pain relievers she was receiving through her IV. Once the pain settled down her incision then became very ITCHY and she was getting mad (mad at mom, dad, the world). I think part of that was being so uncomfortable and likely coming down from the drugs she was on. She settled down and once she went to the bathroom we were able to leave and drive home. She did have 2 popsicles in the hospital but apart from that wasn't much interested in food.

Back in Salmon Arm, we picked up Fynn, some Tylenol 2s and then headed home to watch the Tinkerbell movie and eat dinner on the couch. Her appetite had started to come back a bit.

She went to bed about 8:45pm after a few chapters of her Arthur book and a Tylenol 2.

Tomorrow should be much better.

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