Wednesday, April 07, 2010


Each night I lie in bed with Sophie for a few minutes and she tells me about her day. Tonight she started talking about her Tap recital in May and that she was worried about it. I asked Vic to come up so we could talk to her together. She opened up completely and described how she found Tap "hard" and that she was having trouble remembering the steps and "why am I the only one who doesn't know the steps." She then said she would just copy what the other kids are doing.

We tried to help her see reality:
1. She has only been in Tap since January so her expectations are very high for herself.
2. The other kids (there are 3 others) do not know all the steps (I've seen them and they don't).
3. Her teacher nor do we expect her to be perfect or anywhere close to it.
4. She just needs to have fun.

We asked her what she wanted us to do and she suggested I just let the dance head teacher know about her concerns. So, I emailed Carolyn tonight and just explained what was going on. I am sure she will have something reassuring to say that will help Sophie.

I think this book would be helpful, too.

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