Saturday, March 27, 2010

How to Train Your Dragon

Sophie was wanting a "kids day." In my mind, all days are kids days but I know what she is getting at. She wants to do something special with the weekend and we didn't do too much kid friendly stuff last weekend.

I surprised her this morning by telling her that I would take her and Fynn to How to Train Your Dragon. We had lunch at McDonalds which was had dragons in the Happy Meals, so that was a real hit.

I was a little leary about taking Fynn but for 90% of the movie he was really good. He did not want to keep his 3D glasses on, however.

After the movie the wanted the fun to continue so we did some colouring from printables that were on their website.

The movie was good, unbelievable animation, and the a great message.

However, I am pooped and need some quiet time tonight. It's been a crazy work week and I just need a bit of rest.

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