Thursday, January 21, 2010


Sophie's Kindergarten class has a gymnastics program. Once a week for about 45 minutes, a gymnastics instructor comes in and provides the kids with a fun session.

Sophie has been wearing her shorts and t-shirt but in Sophie's world shiny and sparkly is always better. A few of the girls have been wearing leotards so of course she wanted one, too. I understand Sophie's need at a young age to fit in. While we have pretty strict rules around not giving in to her desires for junky candy and every toy she lays her eyes on, if it is for a sports activity that she is showing interest in, we can live with that.

So, she is now the proud owner of a new gymnastics suit. It came with a matching scrunchie which, of course, made it all the better. Fynn has been receiving gymnastics "lessons" from his sister all evening.

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Joanne said...

Pretty Snazzy Soph!