Tuesday, August 25, 2009

10 for Tuesday

1. My buddy Paula and I had lunch together today. A rare treat, since most days I gobble down a sandwich at my desk. We went to Table 24 and had the spinach salad. Yum.

2. Vic is back home tomorrow! While we managed okay, we missed him and it is very nice to have that extra pair of hands with the kids.

3. I had to drop the kids at Shelley's our sitters at 7pm tonight. It was one of those disjointed evenings where we got home from work/daycare, had a quick bite to eat, got Fynn in his bath, and then went out again. I had a work presentation to our Board of Directors that I needed to do. Luckily it was fairly short so I got them home at a decent hour.

4. My little 4 year old nephew Travis had one of his colouring drawings featured in Chirp magazine. Neat to see his name in the back of the magazine with his little rocket ship drawing.

5. I'm itching to get started on Fynn's Halloween costume. I'll be dragging my sewing supplies down to my mom's this weekend!

6. Sophie and Fynn are gobbling these up like crazy!

7. Sophie's kindergarten welcome letter came today. Things have really changed in Kindergarten since when I was little. Not surprising, I guess. She got a welcome letter addressed to her from her teacher. Each parent gets a 15 minute appointment with the teacher on the first week of school. Her first day - albeit only 45 minutes is on September 9th. I'll stay with her. She then goes the next day for about the same length of time and then has the Friday off (likely due to the teacher doing the remainder of the parent meetings).

8. I need to pick her up another pair of indoors shoes, a painting smock, a water bottle (no juice boxes for snack) and she needs to bring a photo of herself for the first day so the kids can get to know each other. The school has obviously put a lot of work into the whole logistics of the first week or so of school.

9. I picked up this t-shirt on sale this week. The brand is a good one and doesn't shrink like so many other cotton tees. I've had one of their t-shirts for about 4 years and it still looks pretty good.

10. G'night....

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