Tuesday, March 31, 2009


This morning at 5:45am Vic was picked up by our friend Doris (in the photo with Vic) to line up at our District Education Centre for Kindergarten French Immersion registration.

Actual registration doesn't happen until 7am April 1, but because there are only so many spots for Kindergarten (16 spaces this year), it means that there won't be enough spots for everyone who wants one. We are number 11 out of 16 so we have a spot!

The first person to line up was there at about 2:3am...a little crazy if you ask me. Vic seemed to be in pretty good spirits all day. The parents only had to wait outside until about 9:30am until they opened the building so they could wait inside.

The scene there tonight was one of parents reading, watching movies, eating dinner, chatting, knitting...I visited Vic at 7pm with his dinner and he was hoping that he would get a somewhat decent night's sleep (on his air mattress). At least the parents didn't have to camp outside as in previous years.

Registration happens first thing tomorrow and then we are done. Definitely a team effort.


Joanne said...

Wow! That's going the distance for your child's education. C'est formidable!

Susie said...

This is kind of crazy! Good thing you got a spot!!