Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I am not really a winter person. Nor am I a summer person. I dislike weather extremes. I feel the cold in my bones. We get a lot of snow here and it sometimes feels like it is closing in on you. In reality, it really does because our streets get narrower as the snow removal crews pile it up on the sides of the streets.

But, I saw a little ray of spring today. When I came out of my office building at 5:00 pm tonight, it wasn't completely dark. It was like the darkness had been dialed down a couple of notches and it was just light enough that you could still see a bit of colour in the sky.

I am grateful that I live in a comfortable house, have a (mostly) warm office and am generally pretty comfortable all day long. In spite of my grumbling, I need to enjoy the moment. Winter has a reason.

* * * *
This little book came from Scholastic today for Fynn. It will be his little Valentine's Day gift. Hugs, sweet boy.


Susie said...

I dislike weather extremes, too. But I tell ya, after 3 months of this coldness- aren't you ready to throw on some shorts and flip flops and bask in the sun's glory?

I am.

Mary Jo said...

Me too, Sheri! No extremes. Just something nice in the middle :0)
But as my brother has been chanting to me...I do believe in Spring. I do believe in Spring :0)