Wednesday, August 20, 2008

one fine day

I will have an effortless, lazy day. But not today.

8:00 am - feed Fynn, Sophie, eat breakfast. We are meeting Paula, our builder, to go over a glitch with our hardwood flooring choice. Turns out the wood we selected has been having problems in other people's home. Need to find an alternative.

9:00 am - get dressed, etc, etc. Definately need a cup of Tim's today. By now it is almost 10 and we are supposed to meet Paula at 10.

10:00 am - meet Paula and Vic at the flooring store. Several samples have been laid out for us to look at. Fynn crawls around the store while Sophie finds a corner to colour in. Paula and I dig through more samples. I'm no longer so keen on "hand-scrapped", but definately would like the wider plank look. Tough to find.
Our sales guy tells us about a house out in White Lake (20 min north of Salmon Arm) where a home owner has installed one of our possibilities. Paula and I decide it's worth the trip

11:00 am - we make it out to White Lake. Takes longer than 20 minutes. Find the house -- by now Fynn is asleep in the car and Sophie doesn't want to come in because of the big dogs at the house (don't blame her). The flooring is nice, but I'm still not 100% sure. With hardwood, you need to love it (it's a big investment).

12:30 pm - drive back to Salmon Arm. Drop Paula off. Head over to A and W for lunch with Sophie and Fynn. I have a hair appointment at 1:30pm. Realize that I need some cash as my hair guy doesn't have debit. Off to grab some money from Vic.

1:30 - 2:00 pm - get hair cut. Totally not relaxing as Fynn is everywhere. Sophie does her best to reel him in.

2:00 - 3:00 pm - head up to JungleMania (indoor kids play place) for an hour of fun and to burn off some energy (the kids).

3:00 pm - head back downtown to the chiropractor since my neck has been bothering me. Stress perhaps???

4:00 pm - head back home. Answer and return phone message from cleaning lady who had gotten the day she is supposed to clean our house mixed up after we move out next week. She thought it was today....oiy. Speak to Paula on the phone and decide that we need to go back to Kelowna (2nd time this week) to look at more hardwood. The selection in Salmon Arm is limited. Off we go to Kelowna tomorrow. Re-arrange another appointment I had to make this work.

4:30 pm - provide the usual late afternoon popsicle to Sophie while she watches cartoons. Fynn is content (for now).

5:00 pm - Vic is home with food for dinner (thank you!) and I head out to my fitness class.

6:30 pm - eat dinner, give Fynn a bath, clean up.

7:30 pm - Then we all head over to the place we will be house sitting at for a week or two while our house is still being finished. The house we will be staying at is very nice and just 2 doors down from our new house.

8:00 pm - home...Fynn to bed, Sophie in bath.


Katy said...

sounds like a full, fun day. :) I hope you won't need the chiropractor anymore after you move. :D

Joanne said...

So glad to hear you have a place arranged for your in between time, and so handy that it's so close to the new house.
You definitely need that break soon, you are a power momma machine!

Susie said...

I'm just tired reading about your day!