Tuesday, August 19, 2008

loving his peaches

We discovered that we had one of these little mesh gadgets in a box of clothes that our dear sister in law Debra had sent us from her little guy Cairo.

Since we've been using it, Fynn has been sucking away on peaches, grapes and whatever else we can fit in this little thing.

It is fun to watch his suck every last bit out of a grape and leave just the skins behind.

And that is Sophie, aiming to be the next Annie Lebowitz.


Joanne said...

Jackson can't get enough of his little nibbler... the juicier the fruit the better!
Speaking of peaches, we finally got some canned so we can have a little summer in the winter. Yummy!

Mary Jo said...

Those little mesh things are great! :0)

Katy said...

oh my guys would have LOVED that if they had it way back when. :)
Looks like you have had a fun and busy summer, when do you move?