Wednesday, July 09, 2008

An "outie"

Ever since Sophie was a baby, she's had an umbilical hernia (her belly button sticks out). If the hernia hasn't closed up by age 5, they recommend it be fixed. It is very minor surgery (about 1 stitch), but because it would be tough to do local anaesthetic on a child, they recommend a general.

So, Sophie will be going into day surgery in Kamloops sometime next Feb/March (after her 5th birthday). The doctor we saw today in Kamloops was very nice and had a great way with Sophie (plus she is a mom of 4 kids, which helps in my books).

Sophie took it pretty well -- I'm sure there will be more worries as we get closer to the date, but for now she was more interested in the Cotton Candy ice cream she got after her appointment today.


Joanne said...

Glad to hear she wasn't worried and ice cream is tops in her concerns. Oh to have the dilemmas of a child's life!

Jenny L. said...

Charlie had to have his tear ducts unclogged when he was 18 mo. old. I am thankful that he was so little, he had no idea, obviously. Sophie will be a trooper, I'm sure. Ice cream can cure a lot of ailments. :)

Mary Jo said...

There are tons of children's books to help prep for hospital visits.
Maybe that would help as the time gets closer.
Oh and more ice cream :0)
Fynn really is a cutie!!