Monday, July 07, 2008


He's so damn cute, I could eat him up. He'll be 9 months old on July 10. I have
no idea how much he weighs. I'm sure it's enough.

He's moved into the old Ikea high chair that Sophie had. He really looks like he commands the chair, doesn't he?

I bought him one of those food bowls with the suction on the bottom that are supposed
to stay put on the high chair tray. It didn't stay put. He pulled it off 2 seconds after I stuck it down. So much for that idea.

He had his first "swimming" lesson today. A class full of girls and Fynn.
I'm sure he knows how cute he is.


michelle_d said...

yep, he's sure cute!

Jenny L. said...

Yes, he has cornered the market on cute!

Joanne said...

Fynn and class full of girls!!! Watch out Mom & Dad... flirt in training! But who could resist a grin like Fynn's.

sas said...

Oh my gosh, I could just eat him up too! What a cutie pie!