Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Getting outside

The goal today was to keep activity and be outside.

I think I've become like a shark, and I need to keep moving.

Or, perhaps I need to with Sophie -- that girl has energy.

* Gymnastics this morning. I didn't see what they were doing (parents only can watch for 2/8 sessions), but I heard they were on the "bars."

* A weird thing happened when I was loading up the car with Fynn's stroller: Sophie was sitting in the driver's seat (pretending to drive) and this man sat in the passenger's side of our car. He even put his grocery bag on the floor beside him. I said, "excuse me, I think you are in the wrong car." Turns out his caregiver had a colour of vehicle similar to ours and it was parked right beside ours. It kind of freaked Sophie out a tad.

*We rented Cinderella for $1.50. Can't beat that for a bit of entertainment.

*I put this on while we were at the playground this afternoon. I'm really curious to know how many steps I take during the day. I know I get way more exercise chasing these two munchkins (okay, only one right now) around than I did at the office.

*We then wandered around our downtown, browsing around. Saw some cute toys for Fynn - he loved playing with this at his cousin Jackson's.

*Back home to do some weeding. Sophie was fascinated by our garden snails. Maybe I should wip up some for dinner for this upcoming celebration! (yuck)

All in all, we managed to stay outside for the majority of the day. Greatly reducing the "I'm bored...what can I eat....what's on TV" blues.


Joanne said...

Who would of thunk that there is a National Escargot Day!!! Anything to celebrate food I guess. I will keep a look out for those Manhattan Toys for you as I am on the coast...

Mary Jo said...

Very freaky about the man getting in your car! But at least he was harmless.
I'm finding I really need to get out with Erin a lot more during the day. We both need it!
Now with Evan being home most days this summer, we are going to stay busy :0)