Friday, March 23, 2018

We finished the Open 2018

One of my fitness goals for 2018 was to participate in the Crossfit Open.  Well, both Vic and I paid our $20 and signed up in February.  For 5 weeks, we did Open workouts that were announced each Thursday at 5pm.  Every Friday, I would feel butterflies getting a bit nervous about how I would do each workout.

I think the nerves come from the fact that you record an "official" time/rep for each workout that has been signed off by a judge (someone from your box) in the Crossfit Open website and your affiliate owner has to verify it.  It adds that level of competition to it.  I like the competitive part of it...I think my competitive nature really came out in the Open.  It also underscored for me what I need to work on to be more successful for next year's open:  Hand Stand Pushup and Kipping Pull Ups.  Having said that, I did have a couple of breakthroughs: my "beat swings" have improved, I got my first strict pull-up, my push-ups have come a long way (no more "women's) and I can do a decent Thruster now.

I'm sure I'll sign up for next year's open. 

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