Sunday, February 04, 2018

Happy 14th Birthday, Sophie!

This is what happens when you blink.  Sophie is 14 tomorrow.

She invited some friends over Saturday night for a bowling party, pizza and cake.  After a couple of hours of bowling the girls asked if they could come back to our house for a bit longer.  Kate, Abby, Felicia, Cami, and Erica (Hunter was busy). 

Today we went skiing...lots of snow which made it somewhat difficult as the runs weren't really groomed.  I think this was our 6th time up this season which isn't too bad.

Vic and I also were able to squeeze in some time with Guy Greavette of Vikings Weightlifting who is helping us with our form/technique as we try to learn Olympic Weightlifting.  Things are coming along....slowly.  The photo of me is an attempt at a Snatch.  A very difficult move at the best of times.

Fynn also played hockey in Lumby and his team had a nice little win.

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Mary Jo said...

Sounds like Sophie had a great birthday!
It's so amazing to see all of us suziebeezielanders having teenagers now!

Your weightlifting is soooo inspirational to me!