Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Not feeling too well

On the eve of my 50th birthday, I'm recovering from another bladder infection. My second in about 4 weeks.  Now my doctor isn't sure if it is a bladder infection as the last culture wasn't positive, so she thinks I may have interstitial cystitis.  Right now, I'm just relaxing at home on another round of antibiotics (which may be for not if this isn't an infection) and a drug that acts as a painkiller for the bladder.

On happier news, both of the kids have been really on a strong streak in school with each of them getting As or high Bs on a number of their tests and assignments.  It makes me feel good knowing that the extra work I have been putting in showing them how to study and prepare for tests, quizzes and exams is paying off.

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Mary Jo said...

Ugh that bladder stuff is tough.
I struggled a bit with it this summer!