Thursday, April 13, 2017

Surviving On Ramp

As I wrote about last month, Vic and I enrolled in Crossfit On Ramp (fundamentals classes for about 3 weeks).  It was a challenging three weeks, not only because of the time commitment (I wasn't used to going 3 x a week) but also learning the Olympic lifting techniques and some of the gymnastic moves.  I doubt I will be attempting a handstand push up anytime soon.

When we completed the On Ramp classes last month, we started onto regular CrossFit.  I was finally able to leave the security of "Lite" Classes.  That was easier said than done for the first week when I was really nervous about taking a regular class.  It seemed too intimidating when I was quite comfortable with Lite.  But after a few days I decided to sign up for a regular WOD and I'm glad I did. Since then, I've done 3 WOD classes, plus a number of Lite classes.  It means I'm at CrossFit 4 times a week and it is starting to show.  I'm definitely getting tighter and more toned. My mobility, especially with squatting below parallel has really improved too.

I'll keep reporting back on my progress in the upcoming weeks.

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