Tuesday, June 09, 2015

10 on Tuesday

The month of June is always such a busy one with the kids.  I have been suffering with feeling exhausted again after having a stomach bug last week and I still don't feel totally myself yet.  Adding the kids' stuff into the mix and the usual work day to day things, it is just too much!

1. Sophie - piano exam tomorrow.  So glad when that is over.  She's prepared but I honestly am tired of the same 3 songs (bad mother, I know)
2. Fynn - the usual - allergies, coughing, eye rubbing and general complaining.  At least soccer perks him up.
3. Sophie - piano recital this Saturday.
4. Sophie - sleepover on Friday
5. Sophie - pool party on Saturday at a friend's
6. Sophie - dance (final) gala on Saturday (and rehearsal).
7. How I will be able to pick her up from her sleep over, get her to piano, than to the remaining couple of hours of the pool party and finally the Gala is all a bit of a mystery.  I am sure I should be a time traveller.
8.  Me....what about me!  That is rhetorical.
9. It's our wedding anniversary today.  Lunch at Café Tasse and flowers at work.  Nice.
10. This crazy week will end.  Yes, please.  Photo below of some quieter times a few weeks ago when we were in Vancouver en route to London.

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