Sunday, November 02, 2014

Halloween 2014

Halloween came and went around here.

The highlights:

- our little pumpkin holder that was in the figure of a mummy.  The pumpkin sat on the top and it made the "head."  Pretty cute.

- Fynn's minion costume was also darn cute, but he refused to wear all the accessories (the goggles really make the costume).

- Sophie's tulle tutu was pretty but refused to stick out like a pancake.  She still look lovely.

- Only about 12 kids this year.  Pretty quiet.

- Fynn went to a Silverbacks hockey game with his friend Luke after he did a bit of trick or treating.  You can tell your kids are getting older when they start being open to other things than just eating candy (although he did a fair bit of that too).

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Mary Jo Rhoda said...

Very cute costumes!
Have definitely had costumes for Evan where he wouldn't wear the best pieces. A Buzz Lightyear one comes to mind. :)
We didn't have as many trick or treaters as we were hoping. Last year we ran out of candy. This year we had a ton left!