Sunday, October 19, 2014

FAO Schwarz, the Met, Museum Natural History

Today was such a full day.  We likely pushed it a bit, but the kids made it.  We are walking an incredible number of steps - some days we are hitting 20,000!  We did a tour of FAO Schwarz this morning before the doors open to the public.  Really fun being led around the store by a Toy Soldier.  Playing on the big piano, seeing all the Lego, Muppets workshop, and the candy spree were very memorable!  We then headed over to the Met and had a tour with Museum Hack.  We learned a few behind the scenes facts about some of the art pieces, with the highlight likely the Egyptian wing.  The mummy collection is amazing.  Our guide Lia tried hard to keep the kids' engaged. 

We had a hot dog on the Met's step and took it easy for a little while. Nice and sunny, so no complaints (how can we complain anyways...we are in New York!). We then cut across Central Park, showed the kids Bethesda Fountain where they happened to be filming "Manhatten Love Story" which is apparently a show on network TV.  Sophie loved being close to the action :)  Then we headed over to the Museum of Natural History.  We were all pretty tired, so probably didn't spend as much time there as we would have if we had done it first thing in the morning. 

Back to the hotel for a rest...and then dinner at a pizzeria in Times Square.

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