Friday, October 03, 2014


The morning after we arrived in NYC,  we had breakfast (included in our hotel) and then we walked over to Penn Station (literally across the street) and took Amtrak to Boston.  It was a very peaceful 4 hour train ride from to the Back Bay station.  We passed through a number of communities we would not have seen, including Mystic and Providence Rhode Island.  Once we got to Boston, we took a short cab ride from the station to get to our car rental spot and drove from there to Boston about 30 minutes away.  We checked into the North Bridge Inn.  At first I think the kids were a little unsure of since it is over a hundred years old, but they settled in pretty quickly.

We wandered down for dinner into the town square and then checked the Concord Public Library. Really a lovely library that is old and beautiful.

Today we had breakfast at the Inn and did a number of cultural trips.  The kids held up pretty well considering all we saw.  We went to the Concord Museum which has one of the most extensive collections of Thoreau pieces anywhere, including his desk and bed.  Fynn kept himself busy for quite a bit of the time in a kids' play area where he did lego and Sophie made leaf sketches and a cute picture of Thoreau.  After that we went to Ralph Waldo Emerson's house and then the Orchard House, which was Louisa May Alcott's house.  We had an excellent tour and we got to see where she wrote Little Women -- her white little desk.  The tour held the kids' interest as the guide included them in some of her stories.

After lunch we took a short drive to Walden Pond.  We checked out the spot where Thoreau had his cabin (it no longer exists) but the site is marked. Pretty lake and even a few swimmers (in wet suits).

Later we drove down to Burlington and hit the mall.  Fynn bought a Lego piece and Sophie bought herself something at the P.S. Aeropostale store.  Tomorrow we are meeting up with Vic's cousin and family who live in the nearby area.

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Mary Jo Rhoda said...

Sounds fun!
Your kids reaction to the inn sounds like my kids at the condo we stayed at in Gulf Shores.