Monday, August 04, 2014

No place like home...

We got back from our summer vacation today.  We travelled down to Vancouver and visited Vic's mom, spending 2 nights in the greater Vancouver area where we went to a Whitecaps game (they tied!) and I got a new pair of jeans!  My first pair in years it seems.

After Vancouver we headed over to the Island where we stayed in Comox and had a nice 3 nights there.  We did an excellent eco-tour where we saw dolphins, sea lions, a couple of bald eagles and a jelly fish.  We walked, ate ice cream and generally had a great time. We did one night in Victoria where we took in the Vikings exhibit at the Royal BC Museum.  Very educational exhibit, but a fair bit was over the kids' heads.  Fortunately the IMax film was also there so they got their viking education through the movie.

We did our final leg of the trip heading into Oliver and visited with family.

All a great holiday but really nice to be at home again.

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Mary Jo Rhoda said...

sounds wonderful!
And congrats to fynn on his first lost tooth!