Sunday, June 08, 2014

The Weekend Lens

We travelled to Vancouver this weekend to celebrate Vic's mom's 87th birthday.  We arrived in Langley on Friday night and drove down to White Rock to walk along the pier.  Pretty but pretty busy.

On Saturday we drove down to Commercial Drive and had brunch in a little hole in the wall place.  I like that Commercial is not "commercial" and there are no franchise places along the strip.  We wandered around, looked at some of the interesting murals and then headed over to Stanley Park and went to the Aquarium.  We hadn't been there since July 2011 and there have been some big renovations (grand opening is next weekend).  The dolphin show was probably the big hit with the kids and seeing the under belly of the big sea turtle in his big tank.

Nice (but noisy) dinner at the Olive Garden with Grandma H and Russ.

Home on Sunday...tired but good.


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Mary Jo Rhoda said...

Love Vancouver! I was only there for two days and one night but it made a big impression on me :)