Wednesday, May 07, 2014


After we checked out of our hotel in Tusayan we drove for about 60 miles and we hit Williams AZ for lunch and to wander around.  Williams is a great little place.  It lies on the historic Route 66.

We went to their little visitors centre which is also a bit of a museum.  The kids picked up some folding cardboard toy cars from the 1950s.  Super cute and a nice memento from our stop there.

We had lunch at The Pine Country restaurant.  They have great pie!

We headed out after that and hit the highway again.  We watched the landscape and temperature change yet again -- it definitely started getting warmer.  We stopped at a rest stop that reminded us that dangerous snakes were in the area, so we didn't investigate too far.  Before we knew it, we were seeing saguaro cactus along the road.  It was so neat to see those for the first time (in real life!).  They kept appearing - it seemed like they were everywhere.  That was a sign we were close to Scottsdale and ready for our next stop....

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Mary Jo Rhoda said...

So neat, Sheri! I love your family photo at the Grand Canyon, too! :)