Tuesday, May 20, 2014

final post on Arizona

On our last day in Arizona, we had a late flight so we had much of the day to generate a few more holiday memories.

We had thought about going to the zoo in Phoenix but the weather turned a bit unpredictable -- quite windy, so we thought an indoor activity might be better.

We decided to go here instead.  It's quite a place and if you go, plan to spend several hours there.  I think the kids were getting a bit overloaded by the end, so it was nice that the last stop in the museum was a room where they could "try out" a number of the instruments.  Fynn banging the gong was quite a sight.

Arizona was a great state.  Vic and I have talked about how much we enjoyed it and how much there is yet to see.  Tucson looks very interesting.  Next time...

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Mary Jo Rhoda said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time there! Arizona is definitely on my list of states to visit. My parents actually talked about retiring out there at one time, but I think that plan has long since changed. :)