Friday, April 04, 2014

Have a lovely weekend

Here's the list for Friday:

- Sophie has embraced piano.  Yep, major corner turned.  With a bit of prompting from me, she is up to 30 minutes of practice a day.  Her teacher commented that she has noticed a difference. 
- I was interviewed for our local newspaper about the current math curriculum that is being taught at the elementary school level (more on that in a later post).  I have some very strong opinions on math. 
- Fynn scored 5/5 on his dictee today so he got to pick this movie to rent. He loved it.
- I had received my 15 year employee award last night.  I was allowed to select something from a local store.  I decided on a floor lamp for our living room.  It's pretty! (pics later)
- My camera should be out of the shop soon.  I miss it so.
- We are going to see this tomorrow night with our friends.  Can't wait!

Have a great weekend!

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