Monday, February 03, 2014

Update on goals for 2014

So, we are a full month into the new year and it's time to do a check in on the 2014 Priority Goals in the "family" category:

1. Have Fynn read one book to me each week (this will be a work in progress as his reading develops). - he is bringing home short readers that he must read for school, so that is part of the goal, but he isn't reading for pleasure yet.  I am reading him the Germonio Stilton books at bedtime and he seems to enjoy those.
2. Spend an hour with each kid a week on mommy-me time. Just me and one kidlet. Vic and I can share this goal (e.g he spends an hour with Sophie, while I spend an hour with Fynn and vice versa).  Sophie and I did that together last weekend.  We did some window shopping and then we went to Starbucks.  She seemed to really like it, and it is so much easier just focusing on one child.
3. Volunteer once in both Sophie and Fynn's classes.  Nothing on this yet.
4. Schedule minimum monthly date nights with Vic.  We did get to the symphony and one movie date. 
5. Visit my family and Vic's mom.  Not in Jan.
6. Sophie seems to be interested in everything! Her focus right now is pre-Grade 1 conservatory piano, gymnastics and dance. She signed up for the basketball team but it conflicts with her dance class so I think basketball will be a miss for this season (I do want her to try a team sport at least once).  Sophie ended up settling into gymnastics (loving it), her jazz/hip hop class and some real focus on piano.  The piano is paying off in that even Vic noticed that she has taken it up a notch.  She is having to practice regularly now.  Basketball was too much, so she withdrew from that.
7. Fynn is loving his skiing and just took an interest in the chess club at school.  Fynn progressed from Jumping Joeys to Racing Raccoons in the matter of about 4 lessons.  He's doing very well.  He has also been attending his chess club sessions - with Sophie and his friend Royce, so lots of motivation to stick with it.

In other news, Sophie now has her braces on.  This starts another chapter of our lives.  She turns 10 this Wednesday and it seems so strange that the little baby I held in my arms 10 years ago is now wearing braces. She had a lot of fun on Saturday night with her friends over for an art session, movie and a sleepover.  I heard no complaints.

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