Sunday, January 12, 2014

Skiing by the numbers

Here is my secret to surviving a Canadian winter. SKI. I have said before it is a love/hate relationship some weekends for me: love the sun and blue skies, making easy wide, swooping turns, working up an appetite and hot chocolate apres ski. Hate sore feet in boots that are still not quite right for me, the hassle factor with hauling equipment and fog.

On balance however, it still beats sitting at home and complaining about the winter.

Behold, here is a list of skiing by the numbers:

1. Grade I started skiing: 6

2. Number of years I didn't ski due to it being too expensive and me being too poor: I figure at least half a dozen or so. Most of it was during my college years. I was not one of those kids that took ski vacations during winter break.

3. Number of times we have skied this year: 6 (Vic and I)

4. Number of times the kids have skied this year: 5

5. Number of sets of skis/boots I have had: 2.

6. Number of years I rented equipment: many

7. Temperature on the ski hill today: -5 degrees celcius

8. COLDEST we have ever skied: -20 degrees celcius

9. Number of black diamond runs I have done: only a handful. I am pretty cautious on the whole, but working my way up so I can feel more confident on those runs.

10. Number of ski lockers we have had to keep our stash in: 3 (our current one is the biggest and means fewer trips to car/less stuff to haul)

11. Elevation of the ski hill we have a seasons pass for: 1,915 m (6,280 ft) - at the top.

12: Number one tip for skiing with kids: start them in lessons with experts. The ski hill has a great school.


justem said...

This is awesome. I have only skied a handful of times. I'm pretty bad! ;). But, my husband used do be a ski instructor and even he said he is putting our kids in ski school!! :)

Katy said...

I have never skiied

Elizabeth said...

I've only skiied once. After getting over the indignity of 4 year olds blowing past me, it was pretty fun. Though on my very last run down for the day, I took an awful skiis-in-all-directions-head-over-rear-over-head tumble and severely strained my rotator cuff, and couldn't drive my stickshift or write on the chalkboard in my classroom for almost 6 weeks. I prefer cross-country skiing, which I've done much more often in my life, ha.

Mary Jo Rhoda said...

This is really on our list to do some day. I have never been skiing either.

Susie Sincock said...

You guys are pretty much rock stars in my book :)