Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas day 2013

The kids were great today in that they didn't wake us up until almost 8am. I put a little gift under the tree in their rooms so that kept them occupied for a few extra minutes.

The highlights were the stockings, a gift each from Santa (Lego Lone Ranger for Fynn and a new American Girl outfit for Sophie's doll), clothes for Sophie (she is so into clothes right now), new books, some Playmobil for Fynn and new PJs for both. Oh, and I can't forget Fynn's new Canucks jersey!

I got Vic a Garmin swim watch and he is playing with that now, so it seems to be a hit. He also got a book, a new calendar from the kids (Sam Toft - so cute) and a Royal Robbins pullover.

I got some lovely new tops that I can wear to work and a couple of books I am looking forward to digging into. Sophie picked out a pretty necklace for me and Fynn got me new socks :)

Vic and I went for a run for half an hour or so while the kids played and it was good to get some fresh hour as the day was really beautiful here.

We had a total of 11 people for dinner - for us, that is a houseful! It was a lot of work and the Windmill Meats turkey did not disappoint (oven @ 425 for preheating and then turned downed to 350 -- for future reference). We put it in at 1pm and for a 19lb bird, that worked out great for a 6pm dinner.

The clean up job was big but it is all done and we are just relaxing and saying goodbye to Christmas 2013.

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