Friday, June 14, 2013

What a week

Fynn has had quite a week. On Tuesday he traded his Bey Blade that he bought with is own money (and a bit of dad's) with a Grade 5 boy. We think the "trade" was a bit one sided and Fynn didn't really understand what he was getting into. I phoned the school and the principal spoke to Fynn and the other boy and arranged for the little toys to go back to their original owners. Mr. Harrison made an announcement that there are to be "no trades" of Bey Blades (same goes for Pokeman,etc). We find it interested that Fynn's circle of friends has expanded to Grade 5 boys.

On Wednesday he came home with a red spot under his eye. When I asked him what happened he said Rebecca in the other Kindergarten class budged in front of him in line for the bus. She punched Fynn so he punched her back. (Both Vic and I could not stop snickering over this one).

On Thursday afternoon I took Fynn to swimming lessons. About 5 minutes before the end of class, the instructor called me over and said she had spotted lice in his hair. Sure enough, live lice. So, I dried him off and we headed down to the pharmacy to buy some Nix. I washed his hair (twice with Nix), Sophie's and my own. I washed all of his bedding, our throws that reside on the couch, towels and his PJs. Vic vacuumed our living room rugs. I called his school and let them know that he had lice but had been treated. The school used their specially trained lice checker to check Sophie and Fynn's hair. "Clean as a whistle" was how she described their hair. Fynn did have one dried up dead shell of a louse, but that was it. "Good job, mom," said the principal, so that was nice to hear.

Just another week with Fynn.

On a positive note, I found a soccer skills camp for his this summer. So he will be doing a day camp for a week in mid-August.

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