Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A week of wrap ups

What a week for the kids!

So much going on, so many things coming to an end:

1. Fynn's Salamander swimming lessons end on Thursday. He has done great and seemed really happy throughout.

2. Sophie's last official day of after school daycare comes to an end this Thursday. She rarely attends daycare anymore, so it was time to pull the plug - she is more content to walk home from school and be by herself for a couple of hours or at an after school activity or play date.

3. Fynn had a field trip to the Enchanted Forest and Sky Trek today. He had a fun time but was so tired when he got home. A long bus ride for little ones.

4. Sophie had the annual Fun Day at school. Lots of fun activities.

Nice to see everything come to a close and for the summer to start in full swing next week.

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